BARBECURE is Cure Cancer Australia’s newest fundraising initiative. We are asking Aussies around the nation to turn their next Barbie into a BARBECURE. Our aim is to raise one million dollars and invest in early – career cancer research. Join us and start fundraising today.

Who is Cure Cancer Australia?

Cure Cancer Australia invests exclusively in Australian’s brightest early – career researchers across ALL cancer types and ALL areas of cancer research.

Where does my money I raise go?

The funds raised from BARBECURE will help Cure Cancer Australia invest in vital life - saving cancer research.

Cure Cancer Australia has funded 308 scientists, 471 research projects, and has invested close to $26 million in cancer research grants. Many of the rising stars that we have funded are now at the forefront of their medical career.

Want to know more? Take a look at some of our incredible researchers here

Do I need to register?

You can fundraise for Cure Cancer Australia in many ways.

By registering your BARBECURE online here, you will have a personal fundraising page created which you can share with your family and friends. It’s great to track progress of how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal!

If you don’t register online, please contact our fundraising team to let them know of your BARBECURE event. They will provide you with an Authority to Fundraise, donation boxes, tips, recipes and more.

If you need help, email us –

How do I change the date of my event?

You can easily change the date of your BARBECURE by logging in to your personal fundraising page, at the top of your campaign page, click ‘Update page’ and edit your event date. Click ‘Save changes’.

If you need help, email us –

Help, I need more resources!

We have created some resources to get you started – invitation posters, research posters, donation boxes, event checklist and email signatures.

You can also check out our shop for merchandise and theming ideas!

How do I use my online fundraising page?

Your online fundraising page is unique to you! Your friends and family can go to your page and donate directly to you and at the same time receive a tax-deductible receipt. Share your fundraising page through social media and email to friends when you invite them to your BARBECURE. If they can’t make the big day, they can still support your BARBECURE by making a tax-deductible donation.

At the end of your event, use your fundraising page to deposit the cash you received on the day! Just remember, your first donation is so important; it sets the trend for donations to come. If you set the bar high, your friends and family are likely to follow your lead.

I can't log into my fundraising page

Click ‘Forgot password’ and your password will be sent to the email account you registered with.

Still having issues? Email us directly -

What do i do with cash donations?

Deposit the funds you’ve raised from your event onto your fundraising page.

If you would like to drop it into the bank – go online and click Bank your funds’, we will email you our banking details and a unique reference code.

Am I eligible for the competitions?

If you register your BARBECURE in the specified period, you will be eligible for our competition. We are running multiple competitions around BARBECURE and have outlined terms and conditions here

When can I host my BARBECURE?

We are asking Aussies around the nation to host their BARBECURE this summer.

However, if you want to hold your BARBECURE outside of the summer season, go for it! We are lucky to live in a country that’s BBQ weather all year long! 

How do I cancel my event?

If you need to cancel your BARBECURE, just email us. Our friendly team are here to help

Do you supply public liability insurance?

If your BARBECURE needs public liability, unfortunately we are not able to offer you ours. We suggest you look to hold your BBQ in a different location.

Who is eligible for a tax-deductible receipt?

Anyone who donates over $2 and who receives nothing in return.

If you are depositing a collection of all money raised at your BARBECURE, you are not entitled to a lump sum, personal tax-deductible receipt. 

How do I fundraise?

Register your BARBECURE and ask for donations from friends, family and colleagues. An easy way for them to donate is by sharing your online fundraising page. Check out our fundraising tips to get you started!

Further Questions?

If you have any general questions or concerns, please contact the Cure Cancer Australia on 1300 134 567 or send us an email at