Dr Laurence Cheung

In 2021, over 213 Aussie families will discover the devastating news that their child has leukaemia. Many of these children have less than a 40% chance of survival.

Funds raised from BarbeCURE this year will fund Dr Laurence Cheung to enable him to continue his vital research into childhood leukaemia.

For families with children like Emily, better therapies are desperately needed. Dr Cheung’s work is exactly focussing on the challenges that families like Emily’s are facing: finding effective therapy for children with high-risk leukaemia, and finding ways to reduce short- and long-term knock-on effects from the cancer treatment.

Better therapies for high-risk patients are desperately needed. I believe a combined approach, targeting both cancer cells and surrounding cells, will be an effective therapeutic strategy to treat patients. I am incredibly grateful to Cure Cancer’s BarbeCURE hosts for supporting this important work. Together, I hope we can improve the outlook for children with ALL.

In the lab, Laurence spends his days trying to find ways to save countless little lives, but at home his role is very different. A dad to three children, son Princeton, 10, and twin girls Vienna and Ivanna, 8, Laurence spends a lot of his spare time enjoying family life, motivating him to do all he can for young patients. 

“As father, I’m reminded every day how fortunate I am to have healthy, happy children. Every parent’s wish is to be able to spend quality time with their kids and watch them grow. It’s incredibly important to me that families whose children are diagnosed with cancer don’t have those opportunities taken away. That’s what keeps me motivated to find a cure.”

— Dr Laurence Cheung

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